In a recently commissioned study by CA Technologies on downtime, the average cost of downtime in the SMB world begins at $55,000 an hour and goes up from there. So it is paramount that companies get their valuable data recovered as quickly as possible. When mission critical data is deleted or damaged, but the media is stable and functioning, remote data recovery could be the best and sometimes the only choice.

That was the case for a major Performing Arts Center in the Midwest recently. They were running a multi-terabyte SAN with several LUNs. When a number of VMware VM snapshots were accidentally deleted on one of the LUNs they called ACE RAID Recovery and asked for help to get them back. Since time was critical it was agreed that connecting remotely via our ACE Remote Recovery Manager (ARRM) product was the best choice.

After having an initial web conference to go over the details of our ARRM solution, we securely connected to the client’s internal server, downloaded our proprietary software and began an in-depth diagnostic. It was found that the LUN in question had one 2TB VMFS volume with one 1.9TB VM and approximately 50 snapshots. Apparently the system had run out of space and deleted the oldest 5 snapshots. Using our proprietary utilities we were able to recover 3 out of 5 snapshot files and confirmed that they had the critical users’ data.

Unfortunately, the client was not able to use the recovered snapshots due to issues inside the primary Virtual Machine. The client used this VM for a Microsoft Server 2012 Storage Pool and the OS still could not access the secondary VMs in that Pool. Most data recovery companies would have stopped at that point, but ACE RAID Recovery went the extra mile and helped our client further. Using additional proprietary software we manually rebuilt the primary VMware VM using the base file and all available snapshots, and then manually extracted the secondary VMs from MS Storage Pool. After that we extracted the requested user’s data from inside of the secondary VMs.

In the end ACE RAID Recovery completed 100% recovery of the requested end-user data in a double virtualized environment with deleted files on VMFS and a corrupted MS Storage Pool. ACE RAID Recovery has been helping clients retrieve their business critical data for over 30 years. When time is critical, their ACE Remote Recovery Manager will provide your business with the fastest, most secure, and cost-effective data recovery solution possible saving you both time and money.