The cost of a data recovery project depends on a many factors and can vary significantly based on the type of a storage device, the type of RAID array, a SAN\NAS drives configuration, size of the drives, severity of the damage to the device, and urgency of the project.

ACE RAID Recovery offers three levels of diagnostic and recovery services: Standard, Expedited and Emergency. A standard project is a recovery conducted during normal business hours from 8 am to 5 pm CST Monday through Friday. An expedited project is also conducted during normal business hours but considered as a priority case and gets worked on before all standard projects. An emergency project is defined as a recovery conducted beyond normal business hours when data must be recovered in the timeliest manner possible.

Please note that choosing one of the service options for diagnostic doesn’t require a client to choose the same service option for the recovery itself. So it’s always up to the client whether to expedite a diagnostic process, a recovery process, or both.

Diagnostic Pricing Options



Turnaround Time

Standard FREE 1-2 business days
Expedited* Starting from $269 3-24 hours
Emergency* $900 scheduling fee & 269+ diagnostic fee ASAP
Remote Expedited* $399 4-6 hours
Remote Emergency* $900 scheduling fee & 399 diagnostic fee ASAP

Please call toll free 844-223-7243 to find out if remote data recovery is possible in your situation

After determining what steps are necessary to complete a RAID data recovery case, an account manager contacts a client with the firm price quote. This quote includes everything from parts needed to temporary fix drives, to return media, to shipping of a completed project. No recovery work is done without the explicit approval from the client. As soon as the quotation is approved, ACE RAID Recovery engineers start the recovery process.

If you’d like to get an estimate, please call toll free 844-223-7243 and speak with one of our RAID recovery experts. After you describe your data loss issue in detail, he will give you a typical price range for cases such as yours.