If you have a failed RAID, don’t make it worse. Please take just one minute to read a few RAID data recovery tips.

    • Don’t initiate the RAID rebuild process if you don’t have a verified up-to-date backup of your data. Remember that the RAID rebuild process can fail and generate even more damage to the RAID.
    • Don’t indiscriminately take the advice from any OEM support staff unless the system was originally configured by them and nothing has changed since then. Remember that your hardware vendor tech support task is usually to get hardware back online, not to save your data.
    • Don’t try to rebuild an array unless you know exactly which drives failed, why they failed, and most importantly, WHEN they failed. RAID recalculation incorporating old data from a wrong drive will corrupt ALL of your data. We see this in about 30% of all RAID 5 recoveries that enter our facilities.
    • Don’t allow the operating system to automatically run CHKDSK (Windows Check Disk or Linux fsck) utility after you bring your repaired RAID back online. In 95 % of the cases, this means that the RAID rebuild went wrong, and running check disk will produce even more irreversible corruption.
    • Don’t try anything unless you are ultimately familiar with the hard drives, configurations and controller routines.

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